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10 Nov 2005 - JCI Limited, CEO, Peter Gray, has announced a further delay in the publications of results for the financial year ended 31 March 2005.

Gray said that the forensic audit process presently under way was proving to be more time consuming than originally anticipated and would now be complete only at the end of December.

KPMG would then review the draft financial statement for publication as soon as possible thereafter.

I regret the delay but we are determined to follow the process through to its logical conclusion. We do not want to publish any information that had not been subjected to the strictest review process, said Gray.

Gray has cautioned shareholders not to rely on prior year statements until the forensic audit and internal investigation were complete.

Statement issued on behalf of JCI Limited by Brian Gibson Issue Management (Contact Brian Gibson on 011 880 1510 or 083 253 5988)
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